English Story: Piere and the Giant

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Once upon a time, there was a young sheep herder named Piere. Every morning, he always brings his flock of sheep to green pastures. It is in the western valley at the foot of the mountain. The villagers always reminded Piere, “When bringing the flock, don’t cross the mountain. Because there is a giant in the east valley, on the other side of the mountain!”

One day, Piere returned with his flock of sheep to the valley of the land. When going home, he counted the number of sheep. “Oo, Little White is Missing. I have to look for him,” muttered Piere frantically. Piere immediately looked for his little lamb all over the valley. However, Little White did not find it.

“I have to climb the mountain. Little White might be playing in the east valley,” thought Piere. He immediately climbed a high mountain. From the top of the mountain, he could see the eastern valley. In the eastern valley, there seemed to be a very large flock of sheep. Don’t know whose. In the middle, there was Little White.

Piere immediately went down the mountain to pick up his little lamb. However, suddenly a grasshopper landed on his shoulder and said, “Run…run, shepherd! A giant is coming. He eats sheep every day!” Wow, Piere did see a giant coming. He immediately hid behind a rock. The giant came to take the flock into his cave. However, Little White immediately ran to and fro. The flock of sheep became torn apart and ran in all directions.

The giant was annoyed and chased the Little White. However, the little lamb ran over and over rock by stone on the mountain. The giant kept running after the little lamb. He jumped over the rocks. However, he slipped and fell into the river. A very swift current of the river carried the giant away from the mountain.

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Little White returned to the giant’s flock of sheep. Piere carried his little lamb happily. He went up the mountain and down the mountain, towards the western meadows where his flock awaited. Unexpectedly, the giant’s herd of sheep followed him. Now, Piere’s flock has become large. Piere took good care of it, along with clever Little White.

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