English Story: Nili and Haili’s Friendship

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Nili and Haili are two diligent female hippos. Nili, who lives in the city, owns a flower shop. Haili, who lives in the forest, has a soap shop. Her soap sells because she is the only soap shop owner in the forest.

Nili often goes to the forest to look for flowers. Haili also often goes to town to buy soap fragrances. They often meet at the edge of the forest. That’s why, they started to be friends, even though they live far apart. Unfortunately, due to their different activities, they were rarely able to go out together.

One morning, they met at the edge of the forest. “Hello, Haili,” said Nili. “Are you going to town?” “Hi, Nili. Yes, my supply of soap fragrance has run out. And you want to look for flowers, right?” Hailey asked. “Yeah, I’m going to the forest. It’s a shame, we always go in different directions,” said Nili. “Yeah, too bad,” Haili said, disappointed.

They split up. After that, they returned very busily with their respective activities. Nili is busy taking care of flower orders. Meanwhile, Haili is busy making and selling soap to forest dwellers.

One afternoon, Nili was shopping at a grocery store at the edge of the forest. Haili also shopped there. They each carried a large bag full of groceries. Both of them walked with a closed view of the bag. And… BRAKK! Ooo, they collide. Luckily their groceries didn’t spill. “Haili!” cried Nili. “Nili!” Haili exclaimed.

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They both laughed amusedly. It turned out that they often shopped at the same place, but never met. While they were chatting happily, suddenly their noses smelt a delicious aroma. Turns out there was a small restaurant next to the grocery store. They then stopped by to eat together. There, there was delicious moss soup, their favorite dish. Since then, they always make time to shop and eat together.

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