English Story: Lela and Piput

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“I wish I had a house like yours,” said the spider Lela to Piput snail. “I also hope to weave a nest house like yours,” said Piput.

“Look, there is a walnut shell,” blurted the spider Lela. “I can make a house out of those shells.” Lela was finally able to get into the shell and crawl inside.

“And I found a ball of thread,” said Piput. “I will weave these threads into a home for me.” However, Piput started getting entangled in a net of threads.

Suddenly, Lela screamed. “Piput, help me! I don’t like this house. It’s dark here. I can’t get out!” However, Piput also turns out to be getting tightly entangled in threads. Now she is bound. “Please…I can’t move either, Lela…” she screamed.

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At that time, Mio the cat came. She started playing with walnut shells. She flipped the shell over, and Lela finally got out. She crawled hastily. Mio then pushed the spool of thread with her feet. She pushed and pushed until the twist of the thread opened. Piput can also come off the reels.

“I don’t want a shell house now,” said Lela. “I also don’t want to have a net house,” said Piput. “Thank you, Mio,” both of them shouted. However, Mio the cat didn’t hear because she was already running around a tree.

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