Do You Know? The Prairie Chicken, Who Is Good at Dancing

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Only prairie roosters are good at dancing. Before dancing, it got ready first. Let’s get acquainted with this prairie chicken!

  • The prairie chicken (Tympanuchus cupido) is native to North America. It likes to live in the savanna with tall grass. There, this chicken can live up to the age of 4 years.
  • In an emergency, this chicken can fly up to 1.1 km. Although they rarely fly, they are good at running, jumping, and climbing trees.
  • The body of the prairie chicken is about 16 – 18 inches long. If weighed, it weighs 1-2 kilograms.
  • The rooster is usually larger than the hen. Roosters have orange air sacs. It also has black fur on the side of its neck that can be lifted up like a horn.
  • Before dancing, the rooster will lift its black feathers. It will also inflate and deflate its air sacs, flap its wings, raise its tail, and make loud noises. When he is ready, he begins to dance by walking in place, then twirling, and jumping up and down until the hen is attracted to him. Exciting!
  • Unfortunately, this prairie chicken dance performance can only be seen in the wild. Because prairie chickens are wild animals, not pets!
  • Oh yes, the hen will lay 5-17 eggs. The eggs will be incubated by the hen. Unfortunately, there are birds who like to leave their eggs in the nest of prairie chickens to incubate. And the bird’s egg hatched earlier than the prairie chicken’s egg. Well, as soon as the hen sees that the eggs have hatched, she leaves the nest. As a result, not all of the eggs themselves hatch because they are no longer incubated.
  • The prairie chicken likes to eat leaves, corn, grass, seeds, worms, and insects such as grasshoppers, flies, spiders, and beetle larvae.
  • Currently, the number of prairie chickens is only 459,000. Because their place of residence is decreasing because it is used as a plantation or settlement. As a result, this chicken is an endangered animal.

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