Do You Know? Dingo, Dog and Wolf Mix

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Dingoes are often mistaken for dogs. In fact, it is a mix between a dog and a wolf.

  • The dingo is known as the Australian wild dog. In fact, the dingo (Canis lupus dingo) is a mix between a wolf and a dog.
  • Dingoes have a longer snouts, longer teeth, and larger brains than the average dog. Dingo is as intelligent as a wolf.
  • Dingo fossils were first discovered in Western Australia about 3450 years ago. That is why dingoes are considered to have originated in Australia. In fact, dingoes are not from Australia.
  • This animal is thought to have originated in Asia and was brought to Australia tens of thousands of years ago by sailors.
  • The Indian wolf (Canis indica) is thought to be the ancestor of the dingo.
  • The name dingo comes from the Eora language (the Aboriginal people) who live in the Sydney area.
  • Dingo’s favorite foods are red kangaroos, birds, reptiles, fish, crabs, frogs, mice, and rabbits.
  • The body of the dingo is medium in size, slender and strong. That’s why these animals are very agile and run fast.
  • Adult male dingoes weigh about 15-18 kilograms. The weight of the female dingo is about 14-16 kilograms.
  • Dingo is very loyal to its partner.
  • Do not be surprised if these animals will be very sad if they lose their partner.
  • Female dingos will usually give birth to 5-6 children. After the dingo chicks are 3 – 6 months old, they will leave the nest and live independently.
  • Dingo likes to hunt with its group in order to get a bigger game.
  • Howling is a dingo’s way of calling or warning members of its group when there is danger. Looks like a wolf!
  • The dingo’s main enemies are wedge-tailed eagles, snakes, and saltwater crocodiles.
  • In the wild, the age of dingoes can reach 3-5 years. If kept, the age of the dingo can reach 14-16 years.

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