Do You Know? Winter Special Olympics

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The Winter Olympics is a sporting event that can only be held in winter. Come on, let’s find out the types of sports that are competed in the winter Olympics!


Bobsleigh is a sled race on a tortuous, sharp, and narrow circuit. This competition has been held since the first Winter Olympics in 1924. This competition is held in teams. A bobsleigh team consists of 2 – 4 people.

Trains used in bobsleigh competitions must be light in weight because they move to rely on gravity. Interestingly, the total weight of participants must reach 630 kg if the train is filled with four people. To add weight, participants usually put metal into the cart.


Curling officially began to compete at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Japan. This is a competition to launch a granite stone on an ice track until it reaches the target at the end of the field. The stones used in this competition weigh up to 20 kg.

Curling is carried out in teams and each team consists of 4 players. The players must direct the stone by rubbing the path that the stone will pass. Rubbing the surface of the ice serves to regulate the direction and speed of the stone on the ice.

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Ski Jump

Ski jumping competitions have been held since the first Winter Olympics. In this competition, athletes must achieve the longest jump after descending the slope on their skis. The winner of this competition is measured by the distance and style of the jump.

The hill used in the ski jump competition is located on a very steep slope. Even so, the race track is specially designed so that athletes can reach a considerable speed when taking off, but still be safe when landing.

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