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Building a house using robots was quickly completed. Well, here are some high-tech home-building robots!


In 2020, a building company used robots to build a house in Everingham, East Yorkshire, England. This is the first house in the UK to be built using robots. The three-bedroom house began construction on 28 September 2020 and lasted about 3 weeks.

The robot installs all the stones, blocks, and mortar without human assistance. Oh yes, mortar is a brick adhesive consisting of cement and sand. Even though the robot is working, it takes two humans to control the robot machine. This robot is controlled by sophisticated software via a tablet. With this robot, building a house becomes faster and safer.

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In Australia, there are robots that can build a house in three days. The robot named Hadrian X is long, about 28 meters. This robot is mounted on a special truck so that it can reach tall buildings. This robot was developed by Australia Fastbrick Robotics (FBR) in 2015. FBR is a robotics company in Australia.

In March 2021, Hadrian X’s robot completed a 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom brick wall building. The building area is 180 square meters. This robot arranges bricks with adhesive (mortar) vertically and horizontally. In one hour, it can assemble 85 brick blocks.

When laying bricks, this robot does almost nothing wrong. By using robots, building waste is much less. The house that was completed was then used as a model house so that everyone who saw it became interested in using the services of a robot.

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