Do You Know? Musical Instruments in Fairy Tales

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In fairy tales, it is often called various kinds of magical musical instruments. Apart from producing a beautiful sound, the instrument also has something extraordinary. Here are some examples!


This stringed instrument sounds very beautiful. The harp is shaped like a triangle with a wooden frame and has strings. How to play it by strumming the strings.

The harp has been around since the time of Ancient Egypt. The image of the harp is on the tombs of the Ancient Egyptians who lived near the Nile. In fairy tales, the harp is told as a musical instrument that produces beautiful sounds and brings peace.


The flute is also often a part of fairy tales. This wind instrument is in fairy tales in some areas. The fairy tale of the magic flute-blower from Hamelin is one of the most famous stories in Europe. The child who hears the sound of the flute will follow it. The sound of a flute that can call a snake is a story in India. The flute played by the shepherd boys became a story from Indonesia.

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This musical instrument that makes a sound when it is beaten is in fairy tales from all over the world. In some fairy tales, drums that are beaten are said to bring rain. The drum is also used to encourage the characters who are fighting. The sound is stomping, it can raise the spirit and courage. Percussion instruments in fairy tales are not only sounded by hand but some are sounded with a bat.

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