Do You Know? Get to Know 5 Bad Bacteria

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Bacteria are very small living things. It is ubiquitous and can reproduce very quickly. There are good bacteria, and some are bad. Well, this time we know the bad bacteria!

Escherichia coli

These bacteria are commonly called E. coli bacteria. These bacteria live in the human intestine. E. coli bacteria can cause stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. These bacteria can enter our bodies in various ways. Among other things, unwashed raw food and not washing hands before eating.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis

These bacteria attack the lungs and cause tuberculosis or TBC. Signs of a person infected with this bacteria are a cough that does not go away, sometimes coughing up blood and weight loss. This highly contagious disease must be treated regularly and takes a long time.


Commonly found in raw water, raw food, and animal waste. If these bacteria accidentally enter our bodies, they will cause digestive diseases, such as typhoid.

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Staphylococcus aureus

These bacteria live on the surface of our skin. It can enter our body through the wound layer of the skin. These bacteria can cause various diseases. Starting from boils, acne, bone, and joint disease, as well as other diseases.


These bacteria are of many types and are ubiquitous. These bacteria very easy to enter the body through the air, wounds, and body fluids. Streptococcus bacteria can cause respiratory, digestive, and blood vessel, and heart diseases.

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