Do You Know? Unique Facts about Music

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Music is one of the entertainments we hear the most. Music can ward off boredom and can also make us happy. Well, here are some unique facts about music.

  • Listening to music can be healthy for the heart. The tempo of the music can change the heart rate according to the rhythm of the music we are listening to.
  • According to the Journal of Positive Psychology, listening to music can make us feel happy.
  • The lyrics to the song “Happy Birthday to You” are actually “Good Morning to You”. This song was composed by Mildred Hill in 1893.
  • Vienna Vegetable Orchestra, a musical group in Vienna, Austria, uses vegetables as its musical instrument.
  • Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has released his music album recorded in space. The music album contains 11 songs.
  • According to research results, cows can produce more milk when slow-paced music (classical music) is played.
  • The city of Ambon, Maluku, was named the World Music City by UNESCO on October 31, 2019.
  • Music can improve a baby’s hearing.

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