Do You Know? Lyrebird, Has 1001 Voices

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Hmm…is it true that the lyrebird has 1001 voices? He he he… of course not. That is, with so many and varied sounds that it can imitate, then the lyrebird is said to have 1001 voices. Wow!

  • This bird was given the name lyre because its tail resembles a lyre musical instrument.
  • The lyre is native to Australia. There, this bird lives in the forests.
  • It is known as one of the best voice imitators in the world. In addition to imitating the sounds of fellow birds, he can also imitate other sounds. For Example, the sound of koalas, barking dogs, crying babies, human voices, cars, ambulance sirens, and even explosions.
  • Oh yes, only male lyrebirds are good at imitating various kinds of sounds. Shhh… when looking for a mate, the male lyre will emit a melodious whistle.
  • The lyre is a large bird. The body length of the female lyre is about 80 cm and the male can reach 1 meter.
  • Despite being able to fly low, the lyre prefers to walk on the ground in search of food.
  • Only the male lyrebird has a very beautiful tail. Oh yes, the growth of this beautiful tail takes up to 7 years.
  • The lyre’s favorite food is the small animals around it. For example, insects or worms.

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