English Story: It’s hard to find work

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Aji is 17 years old, he comes from a simple family. He wants to realize his dream in the hope that he will be able to make his parents proud of him. Aji graduated from high school at the age of 16 years. His desire to continue to college had to be delayed because he did not have the money to continue his education.

In order to realize his hopes, he is willing to cross the road to fight for his ideals. With a mediocre family condition, it is difficult for Aji to ask his parents to pay for his education in college.

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The only way to continue his education is to find his own money. At his young age and lack of work experience, it is certainly difficult for Aji to be able to get a job.

However, it did not make Aji discouraged. He kept trying to fight for his wishes. He realized that education was very important. He continues to try to find work with conditions that are less supportive. Been looking for a job for months, but not reaping the rewards. But he was persistent in getting a job. It’s been almost a year since he’s been looking for work, but he hasn’t found one yet. However, he is a tough and tireless teenager. Keep trying and looking for opportunities. Any news that he could immediately take advantage of. Even though the results were not as expected, he kept trying. Aji’s persistence for almost a year of looking for work has finally paid off. He then got a call from a company where three days earlier he submitted an application. The locker information he got from the newspaper.

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The job he had been waiting for was finally a step away from getting it. Aji gets an interview call. Almost 35 minutes of question and answer session with the head of personnel. Even though he has no work experience, Aji is still able to answer well every question asked by the personnel head. The next day, the good news came. He got the news, that he was accepted in the company.

Aji was immediately ordered to go to work the next day after receiving confirmation that he was accepted as a new employee at the company. A month he worked to coincide with the registration of new students. He also enrolled in a private college and took night classes because he went to work in the afternoon. Finally, he succeeded in realizing his dream to continue to college.

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