English Story: Good Inside Out

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One sunny afternoon, two girls named Rini and Titi were doing schoolwork at Rini’s house. They work seriously and the atmosphere seems quiet. Then, a woman who is none other than their friend named Santi. However, Rini doesn’t seem to care about Santi’s presence.

“Ri, there is Santi in front of you looking for you. Hurry up to meet him. He’s been waiting for us there for a long time.” Titi said who was doing homework at Rani’s house.

“Bi, just tell Santi who is in front of the house if I’m going or not, okay?” Ask Rini to Aunt who works as a maid at her house.

“Yes No. Auntie says.”

“Ra, why are you like that with Santi. He must have come a long way. Why did you throw it out? It’s not good. Poor him. He’s also a good boy Ra.” Titi said advising Rini.

“From the outside, he is a kind, friendly and sweet person. But when you measure someone’s character with that alone. He is sweet on the outside but bitter on the inside.” Rini answered half cynically.

“How bitter is Ri?” Titi said again asking.

“He often talks bad about other people. Even behind his back he often talked about his own friends. Anyway, there’s a lot I can’t explain Ti. Just look at yourself. You’re a bitch, be honest with me. But at least you have a sincere heart Ti. Not a friend who is good on the outside but rotten on the inside. In making friends, I don’t need someone’s outward appearance, Ti,” said Rini to Titi.

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