English Story: Friendship is Beautiful

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Welly is a 3rd grade elementary school student. He has 3 friends named Agus and Tinus. They are close friends. They attend SMA 69, Central Jakarta. Welly and his friends are very close. They often play and study together.

One day, Welly was about to go to school. However, the atmosphere was not as usual because Agus did not come. In the end, they left alone. Suddenly, Agus heard a loud cry. It was suddenly Welly and Tinus looking for the source of the sound.

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It turned out that the voice was heard behind the bushes at the end of the road and then the two of them approached and were suddenly surprised to see Agus crying. He was in pain from falling off the bike. The wound is on the left knee and on the right elbow. They took Lincoln on their way to school.

While at school, they immediately went to UKS. At UKS, there is a doctor named Doctor Julius. Then the doctor immediately treated him and advised Agus to rest.

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Then, then the three of them thanked Doctor Julius and continued their study as usual. After school Agus thanked Welly and Tinus and they went home together again. Deep down, Welly realized how beautiful friendship is.

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