English Story: Best Friends

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That afternoon, Bunga and my best friend from childhood were queuing up for a concert ticket. Because the artist who will be performing at the concert happens to be an international artist, so it’s no wonder the queue is so long. Even we have been queuing since 7 o’clock earlier and until now we still haven’t got the ticket.

Until the afternoon arrived, it turned out that we didn’t get tickets for the concert even though the ticket slots were very tight. Only lucky people can get it. One way to get tickets for the concert is to take a quiz on a radio. I don’t want to miss, of course, I always listen to the radio that holds the quiz.

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One day the only ticket left and I haven’t gotten a call from the radio. Yes, those who were called and managed to answer the questions asked were those who could.

My hopes were dashed when someone called from the radio and managed to answer the questions asked. Because I was so fan of the artist who was going to a concert, I cried all day and didn’t want to leave my room. The flower that knew my condition immediately came to the house.

“Afternoon aunty, Titanya there?”

“It’s in the room, it hasn’t been out all day,” said my mother, answering Bunga’s question.

“Ta, why are you crying like a child you know.”

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“What the hell, you know how much I’m a fan of BTS. Imagine already queuing from morning to evening and taking quizzes every day but can’t get tickets either!”

“Here’s a ticket for you” Bunga handed me a ticket.

With a surprised face I received the ticket, I looked carefully.
“Huh how did you get this ticket?”
“I took the quiz too and I happened to be the last one to get it. But that’s for you. After all, I’m not really a fan of BTS, I’m just following you, hehe,” he said without a guilty face.

“Really?” I immediately got up and hugged Bunga who was teasing me because of my swollen face.

“I’m so lucky to have your best friend. Could you take the quiz just to get a ticket for me, right?”

“Yeah hehe” Bunga’s answer made me feel lucky to be friends with this curly-haired girl.

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