English Story: Beautiful Friendship Like Glue and Paper

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Katrin is a spoiled and beautiful 17-year-old girl. He has a friend named Niki. Katrin and Niki’s friendship has been around for about 5 years.

One day Katrin was sick with a fever and her parents didn’t have time to visit her because they had just gone to Kuala Lumpur for work. In the end, Katrin was entrusted to her aunt.

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“Auntie please get me a drink!” her aunt nodded with a concerned face. Hearing the news that Katrin was sick made Niki sad and then went to visit her best friend.

“When did you get sick?” Niki asked Katrin

“Just this morning, Niki, I felt helpless until I finally fainted. Luckily an aunt saw and I was taken to my room to rest.” Ketrin said to Niki.

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“It’s a pity that you haven’t fully recovered, I will stay here until your condition is good, Ketrin.” Reply to nikki.

“Thank you very much Niki, you are indeed a good friend of mine.” Reply to Katrin.

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