English Story: A Bitter Water

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There was a wise old man visited by a young man who was facing a problem. Without wasting time the young man immediately told all the problems. The wise old man only listened carefully, then he took a handful of bitter powder and asked the young man to take a glass of water.

Sprinkle the bitter powder into the glass and stir gently, “Try drinking this and tell me how it tastes?” Said the old man “It’s so bitter …” replied the young man. The old man smiled, inviting the young man to walk to the shore of the lake behind his house.

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They walked side by side and finally the two of them came to the shore of the quiet lake. Once there, the old man again sprinkled bitter powder into the lake and with a piece of wood he stirred it, “Try to take the lake water and drink it”

As the young man drank the water, the old man asked again, “How does it taste…?”
“Fresh…” said the young man…
“Did you taste bitter in that water?” ask the old man
“No…” said the young man.

The old man laughed as he said “Young man… listen carefully, the bitterness of life is like a handful of this bitter powder, no more no less. The amount and taste of bitterness is the same and will remain the same.”

“But remember… the bitterness we feel is very dependent on the container we have. So when we feel bitterness and failure in life there is only one thing we can do.”

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“Expand and enlarge the capacity of your heart to accommodate every bitterness” Our heart is that vessel. Don’t make our hearts like glass, but make our hearts like a big lake and able to accommodate every bitterness and turn it into freshness and peace.

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