Do You Know? Coconut Tree, Multipurpose Tree

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Coconut trees or also called palm trees to thrive on the coast. This tree is beneficial for humans. They start from the roots, stems, and fruit, to the leaves.

  • Coconut (Cocos nucifera) comes from the coast of the Indian Ocean. However, it is now widespread throughout the tropical coasts of the world.
  • The word “coconut” comes from the Portuguese and Spanish, namely coco which means head or skull. That’s because there are three indentations in the coconut shell that resemble a face.
  • Coconut trees can reach 30 meters high. Coconut trees are generally single-trunked. Because it is strong and durable, coconut tree trunks are often used as building materials and home furnishings.
  • Single leaf coconut tree. The leaves are often used for roofs and craft items such as bags and hats. While the young leaves are often used to make ketupat wrappers and are used as decorations in traditional ceremonies. The stems of the leaves can be used as a broomstick.
  • The Coconut flower consists of male and female flowers. Pollination is assisted by the wind. Coconut flowers are often fermented to make vinegar.
  • The diameter of the coconut fruit is about 10-20 cm. The color of the fruit’s skin is yellow, green, or brown. The fruit consists of coir skin, shell, fruit flesh, and water.
  • Water and white coconut flesh are rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Coconut flesh is often used as coconut milk or cooking oil.
  • The coconut shell or the hard part that protects the coconut fruit can also be used as handicrafts and charcoal.
  • The fibers in coconut husk or coir are often used as ropes, doormats, and planting media called cocopeat.

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