Do You Know? Serval, the Wildcat Hunter

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The Serval is a medium-sized wildcat. Its fur is golden yellow with black spots. Servals are very good at hunting. Here’s another interesting fact!

  • Serval is the giant eared cat among other wild cats.
  • Servals live in the wild in the African savanna. It looks for food at night.
  • Its favorite food is birds, frogs, and rodents such as mice. Servals do not eat leftover food from other animals.
  • Servals can identify their prey not with their eyes but with their ears. Its sense of hearing is sharp. Serval can hear the sound of rats under the ground.
  • Servals can jump as high as 4 meters to pounce on birds in flight with their long legs. The serval legs are the longest legs of all cat breeds.
  • It can crane its neck like a giraffe to see prey.
  • On average, a serval eats 4000 rats in one year.
  • Serval is able to devour 30 frogs in 3 hours while hunting in the water.
  • Serval can swim but it rarely does.
  • Serval kittens stay with their mother until they are two years old.

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