Do You Know? Old Stationery

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In the past, there were no pencils, ballpoint pens, and markers like the ones we use today. Moreover, gadgets such as tablets or computers. Then, what kind of stationery did the children use in the past? Here are the tools!

Sharp Stone

In ancient times, humans wrote with sharp stones. The stone could be used for writing or drawing on cave walls or on clay.

Needle Pen

Needle pens were used by the Greeks in 1700 BC. These pens are made of iron, bone, or ivory and use wax as the ink. Needle pens are used to write on wooden surfaces.

Feather Pen

The quill is made of bird feathers that live in the spring. How to use it by dipping the tip of the stem that has no feathers in the ink. Feather pens are used to write on sheets of cloth, paper, or wood grain.

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Grip and Slate

A grip is a tool for writing on the slate. It is shaped like a pencil and made of stone. While the slate is a small rectangular board also made of stone. So, the grip functions as a pencil, and the slate functions as a “book”. To erase the writing on the slate, just drop it with water and wipe it off, then it can be used again.


Chalk is used to write on the blackboard. Until now, there are still schools that use it. Chalk consists of many colors.

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