Do You Know? Typical Eid Food in Several Countries

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Each country has its own special food, including the food served on holidays. Well, this is the typical Eid food in several countries!


Balaleet is a typical Dubai food served during the fasting month and Eid. This food is made from eggs and vermicelli that are topped with sugar, cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, and orange blossom. All the spices are cooked with vermicelli. Then, topped with an omelet.

This food tastes sweet and savory. Balaleet is usually served with garbanzo beans and black beans.


Lokum is a sweet food made of gelatin, sugar, and other ingredients. Lokum is like a jelly candy. Taste, chewy and sweet.

Lokum is made in various flavors. There are lemon, orange, cinnamon, and mint flavors. The shape of this candy box is like dice sprinkled with powdered sugar. Lokum can also be filled with pistachios.

Besides lokum, in Turkey, there is also katmer. This sweet food is also served during Eid. Katmer is like egg martabak. The thin katmer skin is filled with cream, mascarpone cheese, chopped pistachio nuts, and sprinkled with sugar.

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This typical Somali Eid food is called Cambaabur. Cambaabur is a bread made of wheat and millet that is sprinkled with sugar. This food is also seasoned with various spices such as turmeric, shallots, garlic, and chilies. Cambaabur will be more delicious if served with a sprinkling of sugar and yogurt.

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