Do You Know? Scorpion Flies, Looks Spooky But Not Dangerous

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This scary-looking insect is actually not a scorpion. Only the tail is like the tail of a scorpion. It doesn’t bite, let alone sting. Let’s recognize this insect, shall we!

  • The scorpionfly is an insect belonging to the Mecoptera tribe. Mecoptera insects have long bodies, narrow thin wings, large eyes, and a beak-like mouth.
  • In the world, there are about 550 types of scorpionflies. Scorpion flies live in damp places that exist all over the continent. It used to perch on broad leaves in forests, in meadows, in cities, on plantations, and near swamps.
  • Generally, scorpionflies are yellowish black with a redhead. Its body length is about 3 cm. The antennae are also long and segmented.
  • Only the male scorpionfly can curl its tail like a scorpion. Although it looks scary, the scorpionfly is harmless. The tail is not for stinging but for breeding.
  • The female scorpionfly will lay her eggs in a damp place. The eggs will hatch and undergo complete metamorphosis.
  • To attract the attention of females, male scorpionflies will reward food in the form of dead insects. It will also flap its wings, wave its antennae, and show off its curved tail.
  • Its long, beak-like mouth helps the scorpionfly to chew its favorite food, which includes nectar, pollen, decaying plant parts, small soft insects, and insect carcasses.
  • Although the scorpionfly has two pairs of thin wings, it prefers to crawl in damp and shady places. It only flies a short distance and its flight is slow.

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