Do You Know? Flemish Giant, World’s Largest Rabbit

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At first glance, the Flemish giant rabbit looks scary. However, it is instead known as a quiet giant rabbit, an ox, and a good pet.

  • The Flemish giant is one of the largest breeds of rabbit in the world. It is widely found in the wild of Europe.
  • The body length of an adult Flemish giant rabbit is about 76 cm. It can weigh up to 10 kilograms!
  • This giant rabbit has a large body and long V-shaped ears. The fur is thick so it looks adorable.
  • Flemish giant fur generally consists of 7 colors, namely blue, black, light gray, dark gray, sand brown, yellowish-brown, and white.
  • The age of this rabbit can reach 8 years. The female Flemish giant rabbit can give birth to about 5 cubs each time.
  • The female Flemish giant rabbit has thick fur on her chin, which is useful for keeping their babies warm. While the male rabbit has a wider head.
  • This rabbit likes to eat grass, vegetables, and hay. Flemish giant appetite is higher than other types of rabbits.
  • To maintain it, we must prepare a large cage so that it can move freely. Flemish giants can live safely with other pets.
  • This rabbit does not like to be carried. In the cage, they are always on the move. They like to dig, climb, and jump.
  • Flemish giant teeth grow continuously so they like to chew food that is a bit hard.
  • Flemish giants are known to be docile when around humans. It also behaves well with small children.

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