Do You Know? Different Types of Myth Stories

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One of the fairy tales that we often hear or read is a myth. Myth is a type of folklore that is often associated with the story of the gods or the story of the past of an object or place. Well, these are the types of myth stories.

Creation Myth

Creation myths tell about the origin of things. In ancient times, this myth was the answer to the question of the origin of the universe. For example, how the beginning of the sun, moon, stars, sea, mountains, and other natural events. One example is the occurrence of lightning in the Norse myth (Nordic countries include Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden). According to their mythical story, lightning occurs because Thor, the god of thunder, is angry. His voice boomed and the movement of his sledgehammer caused lightning.

Natural Myth

There are also myths that tell of natural events, such as weather changes, solar eclipses, and animal characters. In myth, there are known gods and goddesses who rule nature. For example, in Greek myth, Apollo is the ruler of the Sun. Natural events are also often associated with the activities of natural rulers. A solar eclipse, for example, in the myth is told to occur because the sun is swallowed by a giant creature in the universe. The story about the origin of the mermaid is also a type of natural myth.

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Myth of Heroes

This myth tells of characters who have extraordinary abilities, more than ordinary humans. For example, Hercules in Greek myth. Hercules is told as a demigod with super strong energy.

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