Do You Know? Sugar Glider, Happy Skating & Sweet Food

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These cute animals are usually black and white. As the name implies, he likes to slide and loves sweet food.

From East Indonesia

The Latin name for this sugar glider is Petaurus breviceps. This animal is in its natural habitats in Eastern Indonesia, such as Papua, Halmahera, and Maluku. However, these animals are also commonly found in Australia. Sugar gliders are nocturnal or active at night. So, during the day, they spend time sleeping.

Favorite Food

This animal likes to eat anything. Therefore, it is called an omnivorous animal. Meat, vegetables, or fruit, all can be eaten. In the forest, he usually eats lizards, and insects and sucks tree sap and honey. They also like seeds, bird eggs, mushrooms, and fruits.

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This sugar glider is so tiny. Body length is about 12-17 cm. The weight of an adult sugar glider is only about 80 – 120 grams. At birth, the child weighs less than 10 grams. A baby sugar glider will stay in its mother’s pouch for about 2 months.

Don’t Want to be Alone

In their natural habitat, sugar gliders like to live in groups. One group can consist of 10-15 tails. If you live in a cage alone without friends, it will make the sugar glider die quickly. In fact, the original bias of this animal is up to 15 years old. Therefore, these animals should not be kept at home. Moreover, this animal is also protected because it is threatened with extinction.

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