Do You Know? Crow, Intelligent Bird

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These birds with black feathers are intelligent birds!

Smart Bird

Crows (Corvus corax) are a group of songbirds. According to research, crows have a strong memory. He can remember human faces. Researchers once conducted an experiment, there was a masked person who caught and released a crow. One time, the masked man came back again, and the crow immediately gave a warning to the other crows. It was as if telling him that the masked man had done something bad to the crow.

Crows can also use tools, even though they don’t have hands. Crows are good at using tree branches to get food.

In fact, six ravens on a French playground can be trained to pick up trash. The crow’s action is to set an example for park visitors, to always keep the environment clean by not littering. Wow, that’s cool, this crow’s action!

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Crows are found on almost all continents. Crows are most commonly found in North America. Oh yes, crows are animals that quickly adapt to extreme environmental changes. For example, from hot weather in the desert to cold weather in the mountains.

In the wild, crows can live as long as 21 years. Most ravens have black feathers. The body length reaches 63 cm with a weight of 1,2 kg. Crows are omnivores. He likes seeds, fruits, insects, and animal carcasses.

Unfortunately, crows are often considered pests by farmers because they like to eat agricultural produce. As a result, many crows were hunted. Fortunately, the number of crows did not decrease much. The number of crows is actually increasing. In America, crows are highly respected. Because the crow is considered a bird that can be friendly to humans!

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