Do You Know? Betta, Beautiful Fish That Likes to Attack

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Betta fish are loved by many people. What is the uniqueness of this fish? Come on, let’s find out!

  • The Latin name for betta fish is Betta sp.
  • Bettas are freshwater fish native to Southeast Asia. It is widely found in Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Vietnam.
  • Betta fish are famous for their beautiful tails. Well, most betta fish are named from the shape of their tail. Such as crown tail, half-moon, double tail, big ear, and many more.
  • Actually, there are also types of wild betta fish. Wild betta fish live in the wild. Wild Bettas are usually brown or greenish in color. The tail and fins are short, not dangling like an ornamental betta.
  • Betta fish like to eat anything, including fish pellets, worms, water fleas, or small insects.
  • In addition to gills, betta fish have another respiratory organ, namely a labyrinth. With the labyrinth, betta fish can breathe oxygen directly on the surface of the water.
  • Betta fish can live about 2 – 3 years. Shhh…some are up to 5 years!
  • Betta is a type of fish that likes to attack. Especially the male betta. So, don’t mix him with betta or other fish, okay!
  • Male betta fish like to make bubbles for their nest eggs. Betta fish eggs will hatch in 1-2 days
  • Oh yes, male and female betta can be distinguished from the stomach and tail. The belly of the female betta is usually fatter because there are eggs. While the fins and tail of the male betta are longer and wider.
  • Betta fish color is very beautiful. There are those whose bodies consist of one color, there are also those that consist of several colors.

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