Do You Know? Various Shapes of UFOs

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UFOs are often referred to as vehicles used by extraterrestrials or aliens. What does it look like? Based on stories told by people who claim to have seen them, here are some shapes of UFOs.

Crescent Shape

A crescent-shaped UFO was seen by an American pilot in 1947. The pilot saw 9 crescent-shaped objects flying near Mount Rainier, Washington, America. However, because he had said that the object flew fast like a plate, the mass media wrote that it was something like a plate. Then, came the term flying saucer to refer to UFOs.

Drone Shape

UFO-shaped likes a drone seen by some UFO researchers in the United States in 2006. The diameter is about 7 meters. At the bottom, there are several wires that look like squid tentacles at first glance. The mysterious object circled in the sky.

Scout Shape

UFO-shaped likes a disc with a dome on top and metallic color seen by Gordon Cooper, United States astronaut, in 1951. He saw the UFO as his plane passed over German territory. Cooper saw 3 UFOs flying side by side at high speed. A UFO shaped like a disc with a dome on it is often called a UFO scout.

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Disc Shape

The disc-like object was recorded by NASA astronauts in 2017. The white object floated in space and around the International Space Station.

Some citizens of the United States also saw such a mysterious object. UFO researchers call the object a UFO. According to them, it was the size of a bus.

According to UFO researchers, the object can fly by rotating vertically like a helicopter and can land anywhere. The speed of the disc object exceeds the speed of an ordinary plane. In fact, it can fly far in 3 seconds.

Round Shape

Aspherical UFO was seen by astronaut Ivan Vagner of Russia in early 2020 from the International Space Station. From afar, he saw three spherical objects floating together in space above Earth.

The glowing object is probably a UFO. The astronaut then recorded the unique event. The 1-minute video recording was handed over to space scientists for further investigation.

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