Do You Know? Different Parts of Beef

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Beef is widely processed into various foods. Uniquely, each part of the beef is processed into a different menu. Come on, let’s identify the parts of beef and its processed products!

Beef Ribs

Beef ribs are the portion of beef that comes from around the ribs. The beef ribs have a soft texture and can be cooked by boiling or roasting. The beef ribs are often made into soup, steak, and broth.


Sirloin is also known as beef hash outside. It is located under the beef ribs and the outside of the tenderloin. This sirloin meat is a part of the beef muscle that is quite often used to move. Thus, this meat contains fatter than tenderloin.


Tenderloin is beef in the middle. This meat consists of the main muscle parts around the spine of the cow. this part of the tenderloin is often used for steaks. Tenderloin meat does not contain much fat. so it only takes a short time to cook.


The rump is a part of beef that tends to be soft because it has thick fat. Usually, this part is often processed into rendang, jerky, and shredded.


The topside is the part of beef that has a lot of fat, so it tends to be dense in texture and requires a longer cooking time. This part of the meat is usually processed into beef jerky and empal.


The flank is the muscle part of the cow’s stomach. This part is tougher than the hash and ribs. because the texture is harder, to soften this piece of meat is usually beaten before cooking. This flank beef likes to be processed into rawon, soto, and soup.

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Oxtail is the part that has a chewy and soft texture. The tail of this cow is processed into oxtail soup.


Shank is the part of the cow that is above the front and back knees of the cow. The texture of the beef in this section feels chewy. This part of the meat is very suitable to be processed into soup, soto, and meatballs.

Short Loin

A short loin is a piece of beef that is also known as a strip loin. This section wraps around the tenderloin section. This part has a soft meat texture. The fat content in this part of the meat will add to the delicacy. This part of the meat is usually used to make steaks.


Brisket is the part of beef that is located in the armpit of the cow. The texture is soft and slightly fatty. Brisket meat is suitable for soup processing. However, it can also be burned using low heat.


Chuck is the top of the thigh beef. In this section, there is a lot of connective tissue. When cooked, this connective tissue will melt and make the aroma of food more savory. The chuck part is often used as an ingredient for making meatballs.

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