Do You Know? During the Pandemic, the Earth is Clean and Healthy

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Millions of people on Earth are currently battling the Covid-19 pandemic. Shhh… it turns out that the Earth is clean and healthy. Then, what causes the Earth to be clean and healthy? This is the reason according to the researchers!

Because millions of people have stayed at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, plus many factories have stopped operating, vehicle fumes and factory waste have been greatly reduced. The air is so clean. Well, the clean air can be seen from the bright blue sky.

With less air pollution, the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere will not increase as usual. Global warming is also reduced. Because of that, the damaged ozone layer is now improving.

Animals and plants that live in the wild increase their development. Why? Because there are fewer people who interfere with the lives of these animals and plants. During the Covid-19 pandemic, there were almost no poachers, loggers, or people camping and exploring the forest.

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The world’s wildlife trade is also reduced. So far, the illegal wildlife trade has made several types of animals threatened with extinction.

The water becomes clearer. The sea and beaches are also becoming cleaner due to fewer tourists. Fish and coral reefs grow healthier.

Fuel consumption for vehicles is also much reduced. This makes petroleum reserves can be saved.

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