Do You Know? Legendary Places in Turkey and England

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In Turkey and England, there are legendary places. Because it is interesting, the place is visited by many tourists. Well, here are some legendary places in Turkey and England.

Troy City

The age of the city of Troy is estimated to be more than 4000 years, or it was built during the Bronze Age. The city of Troy is located in the Province of Canakkale. Troy was a trading city in ancient times. This ancient city is visited by many people from various countries.

The city of Troy collapsed due to a terrible war in the 13th century BC. Thousands of soldiers from Greece surrounded this city and destroyed it. The earthquake also made the city of Troy even more damaged. For thousands of years, the ruins of this city were buried in the ground and discovered by researchers in the 1870s. The city of Troy is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (the world organization in the field of culture) since 1988.

Sherwood Forest, England

Robin Hood is a character in 13th century English folklore. He often helps poor ordinary people. The story of Robin Hood is famous everywhere. There are many books and films that tell the story of Robin Hood.

Robin Hood lives in Sherwood Forest. Sherwood Forest is in the city of Nottingham. At that time, the Sherwood Forest was one of the most extensive forests in England, at about 450 hectares. The trees in the forest are used as a place to live for Robin Hood with his friends. One of the trees that Robin Hood often uses is oak. The oak tree is very shady. The tree is estimated to be more than 1000 years old.

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Tintagel Castle, England

Tintagel Castle is a fort on the coast of Cornwall, England. Very beautiful view. For thousands of years, this fort was famous for the legend of King Arthur. King Arthur was a famous king in Britain (England) in the 5th century. He is famous for being brave and has a great sword.

Researchers found various historical objects related to the kingdom led by King Arthur. Among them, were tableware, ceramics, and pieces of the throne chair. There are also remnants of residential buildings in ancient times. In this place, there is a statue holding a sword. The statue was created because it was inspired by the greatness of King Arthur in the past. Tintagel Castle is now a famous tourist spot in England.

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