English Story: Thorny Pandanus Princess

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Once upon a time, on Bintan Island there was an inner or tribal leader named Lagoi. One day, Batin Lagoi heard the sound of a baby crying. How surprised he was when he found a baby girl (Thorny Panda) in the bushes. Out of compassion, the baby was brought home and named Putri Pandan Berduri.

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Putri Pandan Berduri grew into a kind-hearted and refined girl. The people around him love him very much. One day, Putri Pandan Thorns took a walk to the market. There, he met a grandmother who brought firewood. He immediately went to Batin Lagoi and asked permission to help the grandmother he met at the market and learn the meaning of life.

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Because Pandan Berduri was adamant, Batin Lagoi gave permission. After that, Pandan Thorns lived with the grandmother. Every day, Putri Pandan Berduri looks for firewood, cooks rice, washes clothes, and helps clean the house. Even though he was tired, he enjoyed his work. The grandmother was very happy with the Thorny Pandan. The grandmother continues to teach him about the meaning of life and work hard.

After a while, Pandan Thorns came home. He already understands the anti-life struggle. This makes Batin Lagoi happy.

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Now, the Thorny Pandan is getting wiser. This attracted the attention of a young man named Jenang Perkasa. The virtuous young man went to Batin Lagoi to propose to Pandan Berduri. The tit for tat, Pandan Thorns also seems to have a heart. Not long after, their second marriage took place. Later, their children and grandchildren will become the forerunners of the inhabitants of Bintan Island, Riau Archipelago.

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