English Story: Frog Experience

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So far, Frog lives in his house alone.

He didn’t even leave the house.

His days are only used to take care of the house.

One day, Frog got news.

His brother who lives on the lake is sick.

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He had to see her too.

“How about this? I don’t know the way to my brother’s house. How do I get there?” thought Frog.

All night Frog kept thinking. However, he still had to go to his brother’s house.

“Ah. I can do it. Besides, my brother already told me the address. It won’t be difficult,” said Frog, reassuring himself.

In the morning, Frog went to his brother’s house. As soon as he opened the door, the sun shone brightly, dazzling his eyes. The air is also fresh making it easy to breathe.

“Wow, it’s really beautiful out here,” said the Frog.

The frog continued his journey. On the way, the Frog met the Bird.

The bird was singing very sweetly.

“You seem very happy, Bird,” said the Frog,

“Yes, Frog. Today is very sunny. I can fly freely,” explained Burung.

Olala, the joy of being a Bird can see the world by flying in the sky.

The frog continued his journey.

Suddenly, he met Rabbit. The Rabbit ran very fast, making the Frog dumbfounded.

The frog looked at the Rabbit in amazement.

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“It’s good being a Rabbit, being able to run as fast as you want,” thought the Frog.

Frog just realized. that he got a lot of experience outside the home.

He was determined not to stay in the house forever.

He wants to have other extraordinary experiences outside the home.

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