English Story: Story Grandfather And Coconut Tree

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Once upon a time, there lived an old grandfather. He is very old, many people say he is a thousand years old. The old man was also very wise and knew a lot of things. Many people came to his cave near the sea. They asked Grandpa to help solve their problem.

One day, a young man came to see his grandfather.

“Wise old man,” said the young man.

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“I want to be a useful person to other people. I want to serve all my life. Tell me, grandpa, how can I do that?”

“Your intentions are very commendable,” said grandfather.

“Take this magic box. Don’t open this box until you get home. Remember, if you open it now, something will happen to you.”

“Thank you, grandpa,” said the young man. He took the box and left.

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When he arrived outside the cave, he stopped.

“I wonder, what’s in this box?” he said in his heart.

“I’ll see what’s in it.”

He opened the box and immediately he turned into a tall tree, a coconut tree. That was his punishment for disobeying his grandfather’s warnings, but he remained what he wanted to be, being useful to others. All parts of the coconut tree, from roots, stems, fruits, leaves to other parts are useful for humans

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