English Story: Cork Fish and Squirrel Friendship

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In a river, there lived a snakehead fish who was friendly with a squirrel. They live to help each other every day. One day, the Cork Fish fell ill. Faithfully, the Squirrel took care of the Cork Fish. It’s been a few days the Cork Fish doesn’t like to eat. So, the Squirrel tried to persuade him. The snakehead only wants to eat shark liver.

Hearing this request, the squirrel was sad. Because, sharks are very vicious animals and only live in the sea. But in the end, he tried to find a shark.

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Squirrels travel to the sea. He jumped from one tree to another, until he came to a coconut tree whose trunk jutted out into the sea. Tired, he punched a hole in a coconut seed that was still attached to the tree and drank its contents. After the water runs out, he goes into the coconut.

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Not long after, the coconut fell off the stalk and plunged into the sea. Long story short, the coconut is already in the middle of the sea. Suddenly, there came a big shark. Immediately, he swallowed the coconut seed. Once inside the shark’s belly, the squirrel came out and bit the shark’s liver. Because of pain, the shark floundered towards the beach. Arriving at the beach, the squirrel came out of the shark’s body.

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With pleasure, the squirrel brought a shark’s heart to his friend. After eating the liver, the Cork Fish recovered. He was jumping happily. He also promised to help the squirrel if he was sick in the future.

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